4rd edition:

    The village

    The MBM village is the meeting point where you want to be before the race starts, if only to get your bib. It will take place along the river Garonne,close to the maison ecocitoyennee and will be open three days (from 14 to 16 April). Anyone can join the MBM village 2018 including the audience, the participants, their supporters and the public, all of which in a nice, party-like mood with several animations. The MBM village will be a place for exhibitions, moments of conviviality and times of sharing around the world of running.

    Friday 23 March : from 10:30am to 8pm
    Saturday 24 March : from 9am to 8pm
    Sunday 25 March : from 9am to 1.00pm

    Left luggage

    Near the village, next to the finish line, a free checkroom will be provided so that you will be able to leave the closed bag offered by the organization with your personal belongings before the race starts, and get it back after the race. You will be asked to show your bib to get your belongings back.

    dropp off Opening hours:4:00pm to 7:30pm

    24 MARCH 2018