4rd edition:



    You have the possibility to take out an individual accident insurance. It is additional to civil liability insurance, which is included in your registration to the Marathon of Bordeaux Métropole 2018, in case of damages caused to third parties during the race. The individual accident insurance is optional but strongly recommended.

    The purpose of the individual accident insurance is to intervene if the insured participant is victim of a personal accident during the race, whether they are responsible for it or not and whether a third party is identified and/or responsible or not. The specified guarantees come exclusively into effect as the participant starts the race up until he finishes or abandons it.

    The individual insurance will come into force in addition to or for lack of your potential current insurances. If you are already member of a sports federation, we suggest you check that your insurance covers every personal damage caused during the participation to that sort of event. The subscription may be made by the insurer of your choice, or by signing the one going along with the registration.

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    24 MARCH 2018