4rd edition:

    Medical certificate

    No registration will be valid unless you provide a health certificate or a sporting license. If you are not entitled to FFA, FFTRI, FSGT athletics, FSFC athletics, UFOLEP athletics or any other federation, a valid health certificate delivered by your doctor is mandatory. It must have been delivered less than one year before the race day and must include "no contraindiction to the practice of running in competition".

    You will need to bring it onsite.

    Download here a health certificate template.

    As stipulated in the FFA regulations about outdoor races, participation for foreign runners involves providing a medical certificate attesting the ability to practice athletics or running in competition, even if they hold a competition license delivered by an IAAF-affiliated association. This certificate is required to be drafted in french, dated, signed and able to be authenticated by a doctor. It doesn't matter if this doctor is established on French territory or not. If the certificate is not drafted in french, you must provide a translation in french.

    According to the disposals of the French law n°99-223 on the protection of athletes’ health and the fight against doping, all the runners, French or foreigners, must prove their aptitude to participate in running competitions with a medical certificate made by a doctor.

    24 MARCH 2018