4rd edition:

    Château Luchey-Halde

    A unique story

    Revival of the estate for an ambitious project

    In 1999, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, National School of Agricultural Engineer, brought Château Luchey-Halde back to life - an estate that had disappeared 80 years before. Located in the heart of the Bordeaux metropolis, Château Luchey-Halde is gifted with an exceptional terroir.  Studious pedological research allowed for optimal vineyard plantation, well adapted to our soil of the Graves appellation, naturally gifted for the production of great wines.  

    Quality guaranteed by the competence and expertise of a great school

    Working closely with professors and researchers of Bordeaux Sciences Agro, our estate’s team invests hard work and passion everyday in order to bring out the best in our wines. Our modern production tools have enabled us to create fresh, powerful and intense wines.

    Dedicated to sustainable development 

    Bordeaux Sciences Agro has established itself as an example of thoughtful management of its urban estate.  Always looking to improve its environmental performances, our château has become a member of the first association of Environmental Management System (EMS) of wines from Bordeaux, certified ISO 14001. Through an agro-ecological program based on research and innovation, Château Luchey-Halde is also focused on proving that environmentally respectful practices can be economically sustainable.

    24 MARCH 2018