Follow our partner's advices to get better and better for the D-DAY!

How to train for the first Marathon?

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Notre partenaire la Mutuelle Ociane Matmut vous invite à participer aux entrainements de préparation à la course à pied!

Let's meet up on Sundays, at the Mutuelle Ociane Matmut Headquarters 35, Rue Claude Bonnier in Bordeaux (Terraces level).

Training schedule - every Sunday à 9.30 am:

Sunday 31st March

Sunday 7th April - Health World Day

Departure 9.30 am, 35 Rue Bonnier in Bordeaux - Terraces level, for a 30-minutes training with your coach, followed, at 10.00 am, by another 30-minutes run at the Jardins Publics for the Race Against Cancer.

Your bib is offered by our partner the Mutuelle Ociane Matmut.

Sunday 14th April

Sunday 21st April

More dates will be confirmed later.

3 coaches, 3 levels, 3 times more chance to succeed in your prep!

The + : You will receive a full training program to follow on your free-time, beside your sunday-training!