Public liability

The Marathon de Bordeaux has an insurance covering the liability risks of the entire organization and participants. Regarding the civil liability of which all the regularly registered participants benefit in the course of their registration, the corresponding guarantee is limited to the accidents that they could cause to third parties during the running of the race, at the line of start and/or at the finish line. In addition, this guarantee will be a complementary and/or a replacement insurance to all other insurances obtained elsewhere that could benefit the participants.

Personal Accident

In addition to third party liability insurance for the damage caused to third parties on the event that you will benefit from registering to the Bordeaux Métropole Marathon 2019 and in accordance with article L321-4 of the Sport Code : we strongly recommend that you subscribe to an individual accident insurance covering your bodily injury as part of your participation in the event, especially if you are not licensed to a federation. The individual guarantee will intervene in addition or in the absence of your possible current insurance and its subscription can be carried out with the insurer of your choice. Were you to be licensed, we recommend you check with your federation for any bodily injury insurance program that could cover injuries incurred while participating in this type of event.